Why Adopt?

Few of life's joys compare to the warm connection we feel with animals. Whether it's a long relaxing walk with a loyal canine, sleeping in on a Sunday morning with a cozy cat by your side, or watching your child's amazement as his new bunny munches on carrots, very few things in life can compare to the unconditional love, companionship and fun given by our animal friends!


Reasons to Adopt

Here are some of the reasons why adoption is the best option when bringing a new pet into your family:

  1. You will be saving a life
  2. You will be taking home a healthy pet
  3. You will save money
  4. You will feel better
  5. You won't be supporting irresponsible pet breeders

Adoption Tips

If you're considering adopting an animal, or have already adopted a pet, browse these adoption tip sheets for information about everything from choosing the right companion to teaching your pet (in a positive way!) the behaviours you'd like to see more - or less often. Careful consideration before adopting, including research and planning, plus plenty of love, patience and a sense of humor, will foster a strong and loving relationship that will make you friends for life!